The Company

Satellite Writer is a SAAS from AI Exosphere delivering leading-edge generative AI solutions. Our team of dedicated professionals has a vision to free the entrepreneur/creator and resolve enterprise-level problems.

The Project

Unlock AI's power to conquer blocks, boost productivity, and create content effortlessly. Learn to harness the AI revolution and craft your own unique skills, no expertise needed.

The Capabilities

Unleash human-like AI content with our advanced blend of cutting-edge models. Explore the world's largest AI skill playground and even monetize your own creations.

The Mission

Satellite Writer aims to promote inclusion, accessibility, and scalability through AI automation, creating equal opportunities for all.

Meet The Founders

Sal Peer, Founder

Sal Peer is a founding partner and the visioneer behind AI Exosphere. With over two decades of experience in the computer hardware and digital marketing space.

Alex Athey, Co-Founder

Alex Athey is a founding partner and the leading developer for the project. He deployed several full-stack servers across multi-year projects.

Want To Learn more About How Satellite Writer Works?

See our AI skill catalog, see examples
and review best practices.
See our AI skill catalog, see examples and review best practices.
This helpful manual reveals the top no-code AI text and image skills. Then, we take you behind the scenes and reveal some exciting results achievable with the Satellite Writer platform.

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