About Satellite Writer

Satellite Writer is part of AI Exosphere’s direct-to-consumer SAAS products built with HailyAI. You can view our white paper, learn about our company, mission, project, tech, and capabilities here.

Built With HailyAI

Satellite Writer powered by HailyAI uses GPT instance which provides a massive pre-trained language model and integrated emotional intelligence system based on Dr. Robert Plutchik work.

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Our parent company, AI Exosphere is a team of dedicated professionals with a vision to free the entrepreneur and resolve enterprise-level problems. 


The Satellite Writer project is a AI content assistant that helps creators write better content, explain code and keep up with the competition for visibility.


Satellite Writer mission is to increase inclusion, accessibility and scalability through AI Automation. Ensuring everyone has a fair chance to compete.


Satellite Writer will be able to deliver high-end AI content that will help users defeat writer’s block and become a niche authority.

The Tech

Satellite Writer, which is a part of AI Exosphere’s direct-to-consumer SAAS product line powered by HailyAI.

White Paper

Interested in our company and what we are building? Learn more by downloading our white paper for Satellite Writer.

The Founders

Sal Peer

Sal Peer, CEO

Sal Peer is a founding partner and the visioneer behind AI Exosphere. With over two decades of experience in the computer hardware and digital marketing space.

Alex Athey, CTO

Alex Athey is a founding partner and the leading developer for the project. He deployed several full-stack servers across multi-year projects.