Introducing Space Explorer Mode

Where You Can Explore New AI Driven Writing Solutions by Creating Your Own Prompts and Skill Combos

The simplest way to create powerful dynamic AI writing sequences.

Imagine using your favorite Skill Cards by daisy-chaining them together with a simple drag and drop tool.

Combining skills has proven quite powerful and effective.

For example, you could use a daisy-chain such as: Product Headline, Product Description, Sales Page, followed by Email Sequence.

And walla! With one headline and your selection, you get all generations completed.

The possibilities are endless.

HailyAI Settings

Imagine programming your own personal AI with just a few simple clicks. No experience is needed.

Our goal at AI Exosphere is to increase inclusion and accessibility to bleeding-edge technology.

We want everyone to have a fair shot with artificial intelligence and work hard to build tools that are simple to use, even for the technically challenged.

Fiction / Nonfiction

Easily toggle between fictional and nonfictional writing. Create great fantasy stories or professional copy for business purposes.

Choose Your Temperature

Use AI temperature controls from Professional, which has high consistency, to Artistic, which increases creativity and randomness.

Emotional Tone

HailyAI emotional settings use the Plutchik Wheel of Emotions which provides a simple logical way for HailyAI to make sense of feelings and add an underlying emotional tone to her writing style.

Ready To Discover New Innovations?

There are two different Space Explorer Combo Paths, and our system will auto-select the appropriate path for the chosen skills you select.

Vector Flow

Use skills in a linear flow.
  • Headline Generator
  • Product Headline
  • AI Temperature Controls
  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Flow Library

Galaxy Flow

Use skills in a dynamic flow.
  • Book Index
  • Email Sequence
  • AI Temperature Controls
  • Infinite Possibilities
  • Flow Library

Imagine What You Can Achieve by Creating Skill Combos

Some basic examples:

  • Headline->Article
  • Product Headline->Product Description
  • Headline->Landing Page->Email Sequence->Email Copy

Shall we get more advanced?

  • Headline->Book Index->Article->Landing Page->About Page->Email Sequence->Email Copy

Click, Create, Rank, Repeat.

Ready To Gain A Competitive Advantage?

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