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Satellite Writer uses HailyAI writing assistant to help creators, entrepreneurs, and agencies generate fiction and nonfiction original plagiarism and royalty-free content for any niche with a click of a button.

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Ready To Gain A Competitive Advantage?

You can generate premium content in seconds. Our system provides related images, plagiarism check, and powerful editor to help ensure quality.

Who Is Satellite Writer For?


Quickly produce high-ranking SEO content and grow your online presence.


Boost engagement by regularly producing quality content for your channels.


White label Satellite Writer and use HailyAI to deliver SEO articles instantly.

It's Like Magic But Real!

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Imagine Controlling The Emotional Tone and Artistic Capabilities For Each HailyAI Generation

Not only can you program your own version of HailyAI with one click. You can choose to write fiction or nonfiction with any of the short or long form skills. Take a look at some of the available skills in the Playground.

What Type of Content Can Satellite Writer Produce?

Satellite Writer delivers high-end fiction/nonfiction AI content that helps users gain a competitive edge, defeat creator and writer’s block, and become a niche authority quickly.

Image Creation

FridaAI will create images based on your text of voice commands.

Longform Articles

Create a plagiarism free, perfect grammar, 1200+ word article in seconds.

Book Author

Create a complete plagiarism free 15,000+ page book automatically.


FridaAI will create mockups based on your text of voice commands.​

Logo Creation

FridaAI will create logos based on your text of voice commands.​

Product Description

HailyAI will provide product descriptions based on your input


HailyAI will write a tweet based on your input and subject niche.

Social Media

HailyAI will write social media post across different niches.

About Page

HailyAI will write about page for your website across several niches.

Sales Page

HailyAI will write general landing page ideas based on your input.

Email Sequence

HailyAI will write an email sequence on your input for any niche.

Press Release

HailyAI will write a press release based on your input and subject.

There are many more skills and our team consistently works on adding new AI skills.

See Recent Content Generation Examples

The Bottom Line With Satellite Writer

Get quality content generation in seconds, rank on search engines, engage your audience and best of all, do it all 100% free.

What People Are Saying...

"Great articles. Surprised by how well Satellite Writer writes..."

Ross Williams
Ross Williams
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I had 20 articles written in a small batch job, and they were great articles. Surprised by how well Haily AI writes. Now that I can whip up top-notch SEO content myself, it's on. I am sure I will be a long-time user of the Satellite Writer system.

" I would highly recommend Satellite Writer to anyone looking to increase their online presence, authority, and visibility... "

Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor
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After learning that Haily AI can write search engine optimized copy, I was eager to try it, and I must say some pretty good stuff here. I would highly recommend Satellite Writer to anyone looking to increase their online presence, authority, and visibility. It's like having a writing staff on hand.

"Quality article and royalty free photos. I can't believe this is AI generated..."

Matt Ratliff
Matt Ratliff
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Excellent service! Super fast delivery, quality article and royalty free photos. I can’t believe this is AI generated. Exactly what I needed. Will use again. Thanks!

"Highly recommended..."

Uzair Bhati
Uzair Bhati
Read More
Had to try the book index generator with my name and mission. Nicely done guys! unexpectedly fast delivery. Highly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

Satellite Writer is a generative artificial intelligence platform that offers award-winning expertly trained AI models in an accessible way. You can create text, images, and audio by simply typing or saying your request. In addition, you can create whatever you want, whenever you want – all for one low monthly fee or single purchase options in our AI Gig Playground.

Use Satellite Writer to create content from your smart phone, tablet, smart TV, and laptop, all for free for up to 15 generations. Paid plans range from $37 to $87 a month—no extra costs or contracts.

Yes! Our FridaAI model uses the most innovative diffusion models to deliver stunning original works pixel by pixel.

You can use content you generate anywhere you’d like. We recommend informing your audience of AI content use.

Free accounts get fifteen credits and have access through our Gig Playground to generate content. Our paid plans gain AI skill credit replenishment based on the plan. In addition, our premium Scholar plan offers access to our beta emotional intelligence system.

For paid plans, we offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the content Satellite Writer produces, please reach out to our team at

Satellite Writer is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can cancel easily online with two clicks in your account dashboard. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime.

Create Premium Content In Seconds

Stop wasting time trying to write compelling copy. Instead, let our AI be your personal copywriter. Our system can produce premium content in seconds about any subject.

14 day risk-free ironclad
money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied for ANY reason with the quality of the content generated, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked within the first 14 days of sign up.