What are the different user account types and their respective access to the Lab in Satellite Writer?

Last modified: May 23, 2023
In Satellite Writer, there are three user account types with varying levels of access to the Lab:
  1. Surveyor: This is the free plan, which does not include access to the Lab. Surveyor users are unable to utilize its features.
  2. Wordsmith: Users with the Wordsmith account can access the Lab. However, the sharing of skills is limited to internal sharing only, restricted to other Satellite Writer users.
  3. Scholar: The Scholar account provides the highest level of access. In addition to using the Lab, Scholars have the privilege to resell and share their AI skills. The sharing is facilitated through a password-protected website, allowing Scholars to monetize and distribute their skills to interested users.
Please note that these account types offer different functionalities and access levels within the Satellite Writer platform. View available plans
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