Free Resources & Partner Offers

We want to increase access and give everyone a fair advantage. This page will continuously be updated with new offers that increase automation, visibility, and subject authority. Here are a few free resources we’ve put together that we think would help.

HailyAI Editor

Instantly elevate your writing capabilities with our HailyAI Editor.

Grammar, spelling and content improvement.

SEO by HailyAI

A Guide to
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An eBook entirely written by Satellite Writer.

Astronaut Guidebook

Start a business on Fiverr for Content Writing with Satellite Writer's Astronaut Guidebook.

Don't Want To Subscribe But Still Want To Get High Quality AI Writing Done For You?

We are proud to announce that we are putting HailyAI’s fine-tuned writing skills to the test by offering AI Writing Gigs on Fiverr through our sponsor Social Brim.

The goal of the Gig is to prove the capabilities of HailyAI as a qualified writer and get honest user feedback.

In 2021, our team has completed hundreds of training iterations of the HailyAI writing skills and now you can put our brilliant AI to work for you and your business.

RISE Innovation

Learn about AI Exosphere’s RISE Innovation Program and gain access to leading training, access to on the edge tools, and advice.

RISE Community

Join the RISE community and gain access to like minded individuals, access to on the edge tools, and advice from industry experts.

Authorized Reseller

Become an authorized reseller and gain access to the latest AI content writing innovation.