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Satellite Writer is part of AI Exosphere’s direct-to-consumer SAAS product line powered by HailyAI. HailyAI, built with multiple bleeding-edge Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT).

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Our bleeding-edge artificial intelligence (AI) models continuously get upgraded as new bleeding-edge AI models are introduced. Our AI models are based on new datasets derived from the following sources: PubMed Central, ArXiv, GitHub, the FreeLaw Project, Stack Exchange, the US Patent and Trademark Office, PubMed, UbuntuIRC, HackerNews, YouTube, PhilPapers, and NIH ExPorter. We also introduce OpenWebText2 and BookCorpus2, which are extensions of the original OpenWebText and BookCorpus.

 Leo Gao et al., “The Pile: An 800GB Dataset of Diverse
Text for Language Modeling,
” ArXiv:2101.00027 [Cs],
December 31, 2020,

Click, Create, Rank, Repeat.

Click, Create, Rank, Repeat.

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